How do I register for FREE FIRE INDIA in advance?

What happens when “Thala” is featured in a game as a payable in a combination of eminent sports personnel in the same platform which is ultimately a popular game in Lockdown season among youths, children, and even adults?

The result is the positive blockbuster of the launch which was made possible by none other than Ganera announcing that FREE FIRE INDIA, the ultimate royal battle gaming platform set to come back again in India and is set to launch on the 5th of September in India.

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MS DHONI will be celebrated as the first Indian Sportsperson to be featured in a game and he will be joined by other eminent sportspersons like Tennis legend Leander Peas, Badminton champion Saina Nehwal, Football Captain Sunil Chhetri and Kabaddi Hero Rahul Chaudhari.

What is the history behind FREE FIRE?

The previous three years were the arena of a roller coaster for Indian fans of battle royale shooters on mobile phones. As the Government imposes bans due to countless problems as any game suits the connection to China was given the treatment of geographical tension. FREE FIRE met the same fate 2022 month of February.

However, by the end of August 2023, soothing news was heard by the battle royal. It is revealed that the FREE FIRE returns in India by Garena with partnering Yotta, owned by Indian Co. Hiranandani Group to ensure the security and safety of users’ data.

What is the gameplay of FREE FIRE?

FREE FIRE is a battle royale in which up to fifty players can play at a time descends on the given maps and run to collect weapons, gear, and other materials of will aim to score better than enemies.

While playing on PC levels similar to PUBG or FORTNITE of weapons include:

  • Pistols
  • Shotguns
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Melee
  • Submachine guns


  • Bombardment of certain areas blasted with bombs deals with heavy damage led to the place by the players.
  • The players should keep an eye on sinking white circles in the map to access the areas that are safe and remain in the game for a long period.


  • Players get lots of experience to enhance their account level and unlock different features of the game.
  • To win the matches a player should receive the best prices to secure good positions in the game.


The eminent characters of September 2020 are the following:

  • Alok: The ever-beat skills and good in bombarding.
  • Kapella: Popular character best in Snippers.
  • Wolfarahh, Clu, Moco, and others…

The best character of FREE FIRE mostly depends on the player’s play style. The FREE FIRE characters are skill efficient as each of them offers unique passives to significantly change the way to play the game.

How one can operate FREE FIRE on a PC?

To get the best tips to play the game here are the handpicked articles to operate FREE FIRE on a PC

  • FREE FIRE 90 FPS unlock:  It shows to get 90 FPS on FREE FIRE with Bluestacks.
  • Bluestacks Setup and Usage Guide:  It provides a detailed description of how to set up and configure FREE FIRE on a PC with Bluestacks.
  • Guide to Offensive Gameplay: This represents pointers on how to initiate and play offensively in battle royale games without the acknowledgment of the enemies.
  • Comprehensive FREE FIRE guide:  A large tip and compatible tricks for Garena FREE FIRE.


Pre-registration for FREE FIRE INDIA

Garena, an online-based game developer and publisher of Singapore origin announced on Thursday, the FREE FIRE, a battle royale game, previously popular in India on September 5.

It was previously banned by the Government of India due to link news of that game with China but high popularity led to the ultimate return of FREE FIRE in the Indian economy.

FREE FIRE INDIA commenced unique content along with diverse features to motivate the safe, healthy, and fun gameplay experience of the user.


The aforementioned are given steps to register for the game:

Step 1: Click on the above-mentioned links.

Step 2: Select the pre-register button. It provides notification to you while downloading and installation of the game.

Step 3: While installing the game, special perks are assigned to you.


What happens on the day of the Announcement?

Me Gang Ye, co-founder of Garena said, ” India is home to very passionate communities of e-sport enthusiasts and we are excited to able to support our fans from Bharat with the launch of FREE FIRE INDIA. He further added,” the FREE FIRE E-SPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP is our first step in building out our platform of events and activities in the coming month empower Indian ESPORTS athlete to succeed globally.”

Vaibhav Das Mundhra, senior manager and game producer, Garena said ” It’s going to be challenging and will involve a lot more effort in engaging with the user but the focus will still be to engage with them in the right way”


#Facts to know- The last FREE FIRE INDIAN CHAMPIONSHIP ( FFIC) 2021 fall hit 3.3 million Hours Watched and 1.07 million peak viewers, The event featured a US$2 million prize pool.

What are the features assigned with the new FREE FIRE INDIA?

The features content are designed in a specified manner for the Indian user which includes verification like:

  • parental control for supervision.
  • limitation in the gameplay
  • game comes with reminders like “TAKE A BREAK.”

What are the strategies adopted by Garena to make it possible to come back?

Garena made allies with FREE FIRE by joining hands with India-based company YOTTA signed by MOU( Memorandum of Understanding) with Hiranandani Group and the Government of Uttar Pradesh to promote e-sports in the country.

Not all sorts of games are made for E-sports though. For example- In e-sports, League of Legends has a status similar to a football game. Likewise,  Garena also launched such game platforms that are mostly liked by all genres of individuals.



FREE FIRE was developed by 110 Dots Studio it’s published by Garena using Unity 3D an engine popular among Indian developer Studio due to FREE of cost and diversity of assets available for downloading originally FREE FIRE was released in 2017 as a beta for Android and iOS before PUBG, the new release of FREE FIRE INDIA created a buzz among the youngster about the excitement and fun during gameplay and we are looking for more advanced levels and security in terms of data theft.

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