Coin Master Castle of Fortune – Tips and Guide

Coin Master, with its ample rewards and the exciting spinning wheel feature, has become one of the most popular games on the internet. 

However, did you know about the amazing event in Coin Master, the Castle of Fortune? It is a thrilling trail event in which you get to choose rewards depending on your luck. 

If you also want to enjoy this amazing event in the game, keep reading as this article will tell you all about the Castle of Fortune, how to play the event, and how to nail its rewards!

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What is the Castle of Fortune in Coin Master?

In the Castle of Fortune event in Coin Master, you will walk on a trail on an island. At every step, there will be four barrels, three of which will have a reward and one, a dragon. 

If you choose the latter, you will end up losing all your rewards and you will have to quit your trail.

How to get Castle of Fortune in Coin Master?

In order to get Castle of Fortune, you can –

  •   Play the Tower of Wonders event
  •   Buy the Castle of Fortune event in the Merchant Madness event
  •   Play the Dragon Challenge

How to win the Castle of Fortune?

In order to keep winning rewards in your Castle of Fortune trail, you have to keep choosing the right barrels, that do not contain the dragon. 

This is totally dependent on your luck, but you can try the following tricks –

  •   Choose the barrel opposite to the one in which the dragon shows up.
  •   Choose the barrel that is before the one in which the dragon is.
  •   Always choose the same barrel at all your steps on the trail.
  •   Just close your eyes, trust your intuition, and click on a barrel at random!

What to do if you find the dragon?

It is highly possible for you to find a dragon at any step of the trail in Castle of Fortune, as whether you will get a barrel with rewards or not depends totally on your luck. 

However, there are certain things you can do to make sure that you can keep progressing through your trail. When you find a dragon on your trail, you have to quit. 

However, if you have enough gems, you can continue playing. Again, you should also remember that the farther you have progressed through your trail, the more will be the number of gems required to continue playing. 

So what can you do? You can make sure that you have enough gems in store before you begin walking through your Castle of Fortune trail. 

Hence, even if you encounter a dragon on the way, you will not have to give up immediately. Now where do you get so many gems? 

There are plenty of ways to earn gems on Coin Master, which is a game built to give its players many rewards. One way to get more gems is from seasonal chests.


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