What is Crazy Pass in Crazy Fox?

Do you love playing animated adventure games on your mobile phone? Then Crazy Fox is the game for you. Because, not only it is fun and adventurous, but it is also a game that offers you great chances to earn rewards and benefits and use them to build your dream kingdom.

In the world of Crazy Fox, you can travel with Little Prince and his Fox to build and upgrade your own kingdom while attacking kingdoms owned by other players, steal their treasures, and raid their precious treasures to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

All this sounds good, right? But did you know about the Crazy Pass, an amazing paid feature in the game? If not, we have got you covered. Keep reading to know more about the most coveted reward system on Crazy Fox.

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What is Crazy Fox Crazy Pass download?

When you download Crazy Fox from your online app store, you can enjoy the game while also availing the benefits of the Crazy Pass feature.

However, you should note that the feature can only be accessed by those players who have reached level 80 or above in the game.

It is a reward system made by the game to allow certain players to unlock amazing goodies and rewards once they have reached level 80 or more.

How to get Crazy Fox Crazy Pass Code?

If you want to avail the feature of Crazy Pass in Crazy Fox, you have to first reach level 80 or a level more than that.

Then you have to look for the Crazy Pass feature when it is available. For this, keep an eye on the Crazy Pass button that will appear on the left of your screen when you are in the game.

How to activate Crazy Pass Crazy Fox?

When you have logged into Crazy Fox and reached level 80 or more in the game, you can activate Crazy Pass.

To do so, tap on the Crazy Pass button on the left of your screen when you see it is available. Then you should just follow the instructions of the game to activate your Crazy Pass feature.

That’s it! Get your Crazy Pass and earn endless rewards to build your dream kingdom with Little Prince and his Fox!

What rewards can I get with Crazy Pass Crazy Fox?

There are plenty of rewards that you can unlock by purchasing a Crazy Pass. These include everything from spins, coins, treasure chests, joker cards, and many more.

These rewards will in turn help you to upgrade the buildings and more in your kingdom. Spins will help you earn even more rewards by spinning the rewards machine.

Summing Up

Crazy Fox is a brilliant game that allows you to build your dream kingdom while engaging in fun contests with fellow players.

The game has an amazing paid feature called the Crazy Pass, that allows you to unlock amazing rewards and upgrade your kingdom after reaching level 80.


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