How to Get Trophies in Match Masters?

How to Get Trophies in Match Masters?

Have you played Match Masters, one of the most popular matching games on the internet? 

If so, you must be aware of the Trophy feature in Match Master. If you are an experienced player, you must know that trophies in Match Masters mark how far you have progressed as a player in the game. 

Moreover, if you have accessed the various benefits of the game with your large store of trophies, you will also be aware of the vast amount of exciting features, studios, and ranks that can be unlocked with trophies in Match Masters. 

But if you are a new player of the game, and are curious as to how you should enjoy the full benefits of the trophy feature, this article has got you covered. Here you can find out all about how to get trophies in Match Masters and what you can do with them in the game.

How to get Match Masters trophies?

In Match Masters, you can get trophies by playing matches where you match colors. With every 25 matches you win, you can get one trophy (However, every match you lose will sadly take away 5 trophies from your treasure). 

Winning a match with On Fire in Match Master will also give you double trophies. Again, an additional 5 trophies can be earned as a bonus per match. You will earn or lose trophies with every match you play based on your studio or rank in Match Masters.

How to earn non-ranked trophies in Match Masters?

You will also be able to earn trophies in Match Masters that will not affect your rank in the game. In the games you play for non-ranked trophies, the trophies you win will leave your trophy rank unaffected. 

You can find the icon for non-ranked trophies in Match Masters with unranked games that you can play.

How to earn bonus trophies in Match Masters?

You can also earn bonus trophies in Match Masters by either beating an opponent who used a higher-tiered booster, or an opponent who has a higher trophy ranking. 

Previously, Match Masters used to provide varying numbers of bonus trophies to players who would beat an opponent with a higher-tiered booster, based on the specific booster that the opponent had used. 

However, the latest version of the game has done away with these specific variations in the number of bonus trophies.

When you defeat an opponent with a higher trophy ranking, the more trophies they have, the more bonus trophies you will get. 

By beating an opponent with a higher trophy ranking, you can earn up to 5 additional bonus trophies.

What are trophy progression milestones?

The trophy progression milestones in Match Masters are the game elements that are made available to you as you go on increasing your trophy level in the game which marks your rank and makes different elements available to you. 

These can include various game modes, tournaments, events, stickers, boosters, and perks.

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