How to Use Energy Boost Perk in Match Masters?

Do you love matching colors while battling the same matching war with your friends? Then you must have heard of Match Masters or even played it. 

It is the most amazing matching game on the internet. Not only does it allow you to match and mix thousands of colors, but it is also complete with a player vs. player interface that allows multiple players to battle it out on the same board, making the game all the more interesting as players constantly win or lose their moves according to the moves of other players as well.

 It is evident that this kind of game involves frequent wins and losses and unexpected twists. So how do you thrive in Match Masters? With boosts and perks that keep you alive in the game by charging up your energy and helping you make successful moves.

What are the perks of Match Masters?

In Match Masters, you have to always keep in mind that other players are there with you on the board. Even if you make the correct move, their move can make you lose the match. Perks in Match Masters help you to win matches without that hassle. Just like boosters in Match Masters, perks will help you win your matches. There are various kinds of perks in Match Masters with various abilities.

What are the free perks in Match Masters?

Free perks are those that you can use for free within the game. While you play matches within the game, keep an eye out for these. You will get free perks in Match Masters in fixed intervals so make sure to stay on the alert for your chances of obtaining them. There are two kinds of free perks:

  •   Hammer: This is a free perk that will help you to remove any piece you choose from the board.
  •   Shuffle: This free perk can be used when you want to shuffle the board to make it easier for you to match, and difficult for your competitors.

How many times can I use perks in Match Masters?

Perks are a great way to boost up your game. As tempting as it might be to keep using them, you should remember that you can use one kind of perk only once in a match. You should also be aware that you can only equip yourself with two perks at the most on Match Masters.

What does the energy boost perk in Match Masters do?

When you have matched blue pieces on Match Masters, you get energy boosts. But the energy boost perk will let you get energy boosts without matching blue pieces, charging up your energy no matter the color you have matched.


There are different kinds of perks on Match Masters, including hammer, shuffle, and energy boost. To use the latter, you have to match any color of pieces in the game. The perk will automatically charge up your energy as if you had matched blue pieces.


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