Rare Cards in Coin Master

How to Collect Rare Cards in Coin Master? 

Obtaining rare cards in Coin Master may be an undertaking, but there are several approaches you may try to enhance your chances. 

  • Participating in Viking Quests and playing Viking slots can increase your odds of finding rare cards.  
  • Another option is to obtain chests through successful raids on other players’ villages, discovering new villages, or purchasing them directly. 
  • While you should be cautious when trading with other players to avoid scams, trading can be an effective way to acquire rare cards.  
  • These strategies can be particularly useful for obtaining the seven most coveted cards in Coin Master. 
  • While obtaining these rare cards without spending money can be challenging, collecting and trading with other players can significantly increase your chances of getting the cards you want. 

Whether you go on Viking quests, raid villages, or trade with others, keep an eye out for these rare Coin Master cards. From Andromeda to Armstrong, these cards have unique designs and hold great value in the game. Enjoy the excitement of collecting and discovering all the amazing cards Coin Master offers and stay tuned for more tips to enhance your gaming experience. 

 What is the goal in Coin Master? 

The main goal in Coin Maste­r is to collect coins to upgrade your items and progre­ss through different villages. The­ game combines adventure­ elements with gambling fe­atures. To advance, players ne­ed to spin a slot machine to win coins. These­ coins are then used to build up the­ir own villages or attack other players’ village­s. Each player has a limited number of daily spins, but the­y can purchase additional spins or items using real mone­y.  

Coin Master also distributes free­ spins through social media links and email newsle­tters. Earning coins is possible by spinning the slot machine­, attacking other villages, or raiding other playe­rs’ treasures. To defe­nd their villages, players can use­ shields and a special Rhino pet. If a playe­r’s village is attacked, they can se­ek revenge­ by launching a counterattack. 

What is the Coin Master VIP Status? 

Coin Master VIP is a special status that comes with extra benefits for players. These include additional spins, coins, exclusive events, and even a private Facebook group. It’s also said that players who spend a certain amount of real money in the game based on their country can get VIP status through invitation. 

How are the Coin Master Pets useful? 

In Coin Master, players have access to three helpful pets: Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino. Each pet has a unique ability to assist in collecting coins. Players can nurture and strengthen these pets by providing them with treats and increasing their experience points (XP) using XP potions.  

  • Foxy is particularly useful during raids, as it boosts the coins earned from a raid by up to 119% of the original amount.  
  • Tiger proves invaluable during attacks, providing players with additional coins that can reach up to 410% of the attack’s base value.  
  • On the defensive side, Rhino serves as a guardian for the player’s village, warding off attacks and protecting up to 70% of incoming threats. 

To keep these pets active and useful, players must give them treats to keep them awake. Each treat keeps the pet alert for 4 hours, and players can extend this time by giving multiple treats. By using these pets wisely and helping them grow, players can improve their ability to collect coins and strengthen their defenses in Coin Master. 

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