Crazy Fox Reward Calendar

Discover how to unleash your winning abilities and potential in the most adventurous spinning wheel Crazy Fox game. In this exclusive post, we explore the criteria and the power of Crazy Fox free spins and Crazy Fox reward calendar through the abundance of expert guides and tips and help you stack up the coins and spin your way to glory. To get free spins and rewards first understand the procedure of claiming it.

How to get daily Rewards from spin links in Crazy Fox?

Dwelling rewards from Crazy Fox spin links through the official Web page has never been so hard intrinsic task at all! But you can also collect the Crazy Fox Free Spins link here.

Once you are there, the rewards will be waiting for you along with a green colored confirm button. All you need is to just simply tap the button to claim your rewards and start playing the jumbo Crazy Fox game.

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What are Crazy Fox Rewards and Bonuses?

Crazy Fox game endures an elaborative bonus program. In addition to the daily and time bonuses, where players get the opportunity to avail themselves of different prizes like

  • By remaining part of special events,
  • By activating the Wheel of Fortune,
  • By getting gifts due to a collection of cards,
  • Side by side the tournaments are always enlisted with regular updates.

What is a Prize Calendar?

The Prize Calendar of Crazy Fox is a varied feature for the user. With this feature, you can grab the timeliness of a collection of daily bonuses at the tip of your fingertip.

Crazy Fox players have the opportunity to get special bonuses as part of the Prize Calendar. It is activated randomly and with regular themes. The list of it is given below in the tabular format

End of the Week Rewards
1 80 additional spins
2 Chest of 20-220 spins, 4 cards, addition to 500 to 2500 points.
3 Chest of 100-1200 spins,6 cards, addition to 1000 to 20000 points.


Every week is assigned with different rewards given in tabular format:

Day The reward of the Day
1 100000 coins
2 50 spins
3 200000 coins
4 70 spins
5 500000 coins
6 90 spins or 1 million coins
7 2 2 million coins,8K points,160 spins,1 card.


You don’t need to put in a lot of effort instead just log into the game regularly and the awards are allocated as per your performances too or just simply visit the Haktuts Spin website to get the daily reward. 

What are the rewards allowed in the Time Bonus?

For the time bonus at Crazy Fox would be wise to look at the main promotional offers which are given in the following bullets:

  • Every 24 hours wheel of Fortune is triggered for free.
  • An additional 5 spins are awarded every hour
  • Tournaments lasts from  3 hours to 2 days.
  • In each bonus allotment, a countdown watch or timer is allocated to display the time remaining until you receive a valuable prize.

How do you get the Crazy Fox Reward Calendar?

The Crazy Fox Reward Calendar is displayed on the screen while opening the game. To get above mentioned rewards follow the two-way instructions directed below:

Way 1: Tap on the specific items allowed on the regular basis


Way 2: Open the Reward Calendar from the Crazy Fox main menu.

What is Spin Master?

Spin Master is a special event in the form of a mini-tournament that is allowed when you reach level 4 on the Crazy Fox gaming platform. The task of yours is to spin the Wheel. In each spin, single points are only awarded. Prizes & rewards are divided into categories based on the number of spins made:

  • 500 to 6000 spins along with 1 treasure chest
  • 1500 to 25000 spins along with 1chest
  • 3000 to 75000 spins and 1 gold chest
  • Final prize is 35000 spins and 1 Joker card.

Spin Master event if Crazy Fox is held for a limited-time edition, so grab the win-win situation until the tournament termination.


The given guidelines help you to get maximum rewards and the highest exploration for playing the games. Stay tuned for regular and related kind of topics. Stay and keep growing.

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