Why social casinos were destroyed by coin masters?

Social casino is a formulated gaming platform that induces and attracts prospective customers or Gamers to participate in casinos (  roulette, slots, poker, etc. ). It offers free-to-play games. In these games, actual Gambling games are not used and even real money has no prospect rather virtual funds are only earned. Nevertheless, social casinos paradoxically generated a lot of revenue from social media.

#Facts to know- Social casino was one of the most discussed topics at G2E in 2016. Brian Bennett the general manager at AGS Interactive explain that social casino gaming platform has reached far beyond the imagination or expectation all over the world.

How does social casino gaming evolve?

It is known to everyone that gambling without making a reasonable surplus sounds like a pointless activity. It harms society as the Gamblers never care about their hard-earned money and become so addicted that they drain their finances. However, due to the introduction of social casino gaming platforms online games are free of charge and relieve anxiety and insolvency-related issues of the players.

The social part of such gaming platforms gave an alternative to people to place safe and secured built connections with relative playing partners or friends.

What are the advantages of online gaming?

This form of gaming platform provides relaxation releases stress-related issues, stimulates mental progress and the important one is to enhances social interactions.

How does such a gaming platform generate revenue?

Social Gambling games are the modern form of casinos as they are free to play but they assure selling ads in-game benefits e.g. boosters, coins, and virtual goods.

Among all players, 20% of them use real forms of money to get real-life experience and fun. But ends up spending without getting an opportunity to win back.

What exactly coin master game is all about?

In this form, the game is centered around a virtual slot of different games. As time passes, the spins get accumulated and assured to win coins Shield or in simple language, it is the ticket to success.

It is mainly a village intrinsic virtual element in which earned coins help to create or decorate the village and move forward in the steps as the player earns stars in each level of the game and even helps to attack or raid other villages.

How Coin Master is a social platform that creates foe for the players?

The games are reliable and even child-friendly till they are not linked to the Internet but this platform ensures social interaction to another level whenever it’s linked to any other social networking sites because to compete with friends some unhealthy conversation creates a dilemma in a positive environment.

What is free spin in online casino gaming?

A free Spin is a form of surplus provided to the player(without any money worth bracket close. It is a promotional offer to attract players to online casinos.

These are the bonus that encourages first-time players to win a free slot of games and wet on online casinos free of charge.

How many types of free spin are present in online casinos?

Free spins are of the following types given in bullets:

  • Number deposit free spins: This form of free spins is payment less (no initial or former deposit) and not many online Casinos offer this form of bonus.
  • Deposit-free spins: This form of free spin requires to deposit of cash in which casinos require punters.
  • Wager-free spins: The most innovative and less available free spins are wager-free spins in which winning leads to withdrawal of the same immediately whereas, most free spins provide wagering requirements.

How is Social Casino Disrupted?

The destruction of social casinos is undertaken by the Blue Ocean Strategy. In this strategy a new market space is created for those Gamers by providing unnecessary competition it mainly focuses on those people who are not currently focused on casinos.

The key form of Blue Ocean Strategy: adding-reducing-eliminating-increasing feature: 

√ add- coin master added raiding and attacking friends.

√ reduce- coin master reduces the number of slots graphics and purchase options.

√ eliminate- it eliminates the virtual feature of product availability like tournament reward system pay tables locked machines.

√ increase- it enhances the feature of value of progressions interactions with friends and card collections.

#Facts to know- 

* Blue Ocean Strategy is used to buy Amazon to start retail selling of books online mode.

* While launching, Wikipedia also considers the Blue Ocean Strategy

* Coin Master generates $250000 per day by disrupting the space of Social in online mode.

* It creates history and Scholars exemplify it to be a Red Ocean Strategy.

* It becomes a Textbook content in marketing and promotional strategy for creating irrelevant competition.

With the above facts it is analyzed that the Blue Ocean Strategy is a healthy form of strategy, not any form of competition, and creating history by signifying the Blue Ocean Strategy as the Red Ocean Strategy in which the amount of profit is too much that the past years record even failed in the generation of revenue by Coin Master.

The companies which use the Blue Ocean Strategy do not even consider it as any kind of competition but they signify it as a promotional strategy so that their companies are also able to generate sufficient profit and deliberate the society by contributing to growth and development in their economy and who knows it becomes a bread jam for promotional profits.


It is to be concluded from the above that both real money and social gambling possess certain benefits and limitations. It is expected to enhancement of players on both platforms and has a positive impact on overall growth for the betterment of the sector but due to some greedy and irresponsible players, the gaming platforms are possessed with irrelevant content high amount of competition, and disagreements while social interactions in this gaming platform improvised in containing even malicious and slang languages that are not good for the society and even the customers or players as well.

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