Why is Warzone 2 crashing on PC? Here’s How To Repair It

Warzone 2 is a free-to-play Battle Royale video game developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software for PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox series X/S.

Warzone 2 players have been facing nominal performance issues in recent weeks where the game has been crashing now and then.

The problem becomes more evident for those users who often to Battle.net and the crash leads to detaching the player from the game and never booting up to enter a cube with their friends.

The frustrating part is the bugs that have not yet found any relevant solution to the ultimate problem.

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What is the concept of Battlefield games?

Battlefield game is ruled in an enclosed grid upon which the player’s fleet the warship and the locations of the fleet are mainly fenced by the other players. When the players turn to others and shoot them, the main aim is to loot their assets or destroy opposing players ‘.

How Warzone game is being played?

Warzone is a Battleship relevant game in which players are dropped from a cargo plane and the location is decided by the new Player. Al Mazrah, the local people of the desert provided at a time 150 players to fight in the Battleship if the user/player is new in the game then most of the games will start with him or her.

Rules to play-

  • The locations were mainly chosen as per Al Mazrah’s indication.
  • The players should possess good gliding speed to control parachute speed to land in integral locations quickly and safeguard themselves.
  • Movements are the key to defeating the opponents and providing a way to secure a gunfight.
  • 4 basic movement of foot is also i.e., Sprinting to speed up the pace of the [the key button is shift key/left stick press] to cover long distances, and the increase of it is referred to be a tactical sprint.

Sliding [C key/ Circle button] helps to reposition quickly during fights.

Jumping[ Spacebar key/ X Button] to hop over walls and get in the windows.

Dolphin Diving helps to jump to cover the player behind the wall or building.

By following the above-mentioned rules a player or a group of players play the Battleship game with loaded visual weapons loot the locations and earn money.

What is a Computer Crash?

The term computer crash is ‘crash to the desktop’ which results in stopping the functioning of programs and leads the user to the ultimate desktop. It is mainly caused by malfunctioning of other operating systems like the bugs present in the system or sometimes the incompatibility between the system and the program.

What are the reasons behind the crashing of the PC?

In almost all cases it is likely to notice that the game which remains crashed on PC is facing software-related issues but in a few cases, this might be caused by hardware as well. Justifications behind the crashing of the PC while playing games are given in the following bullets:

* The overheating of the PC.

* To speed up the performance of the processor for better action.

* PC does not retain a qualitative device driver or updated drivers.

* The system is subjected to virus injection due to malicious software.

* PC should possess anti-virus protection norms that block the games from running.

* The system corrupts files which leads to a lack of storage in RAM.

* PC does not write too many Browser tabs in open form.

* PC does not upgrade the operating system or the inclusion of hardware storage in an improper way leads to a crash in the system.

Facts to know- √ The system mechanic is Optimizer which resolves the above-mentioned issues of the PC to enhance the gaming experience of the user.

BSOD is an acronym of a string of errors in messages famously referred to as the Blue Screen Of Death which is quite common in battle-fight games.

How to avoid computer crashes?

To avoid troubleshooting computers the remedial measures should be applied at the following junctures-

  • The connection should be checked to make sure whether the system responding properly or not.
  • Safe mode is to be used to diagnose the boot system and restart the PC again.
  • The pending updates should be checked related to the games.
  • The minimum specification required in the games should be matched with the PC and if any discrepancy is detected it should be resolved for experiencing proper gaming.
  • The drivers should be updated at regular intervals.
  • Anti-virus should be updated to get rid of viruses and malicious file attacks.
  • The games should be always run in admin mode to fix the crashing problems.
  • The Window system is to be updated to experience the joy of usage of the ultimate features of the game.

The origin of Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a player intrinsic game that enables applied to get in a battle as a series of campaigns against the human opponent in multiplayer mode.

The realistic stunt, noticeable bomb explosions the pull-ups, and the aim of firearms and live experience to the player make it very popular among the younger generation.

#Facts to know- 

  • Call of Duty games have been played over 25 million hours.
  • The fastest-selling video of all time is Modern Warfare 3 launched on the Call of Duty platform.
  • Modern Warfare 3 can secure 775 million dollars in the first 5 days of its launch.
  • The player’s concentration breaks records are trained in a population more than many developed polities.
  • Call of Duty was created by Zaed Rieke and Jason West and it was developed by Infinity War Company full stop it is operated on Mac OS and Windows.


It is to be concluded from the above that online battlefield games possess certain benefits and limitations. It is expected to enhancement players on platforms and have a positive impact on overall growth for the betterment of the sector but due to some greedy and irresponsible players, the gaming platforms are possessed with irrelevant content high amount of competition, and disagreements while social interactions in this gaming platform improvised in containing even malicious and slang languages that are not good for the society and even the customers or players as well.

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