How to hack Ludo King for free and get unlimited coins for free?

Do you imagine that there can be any kind of linkage between the Mahabharata, Ajanta, and Ellora caves, Mughal Emperors, and the COVID-19 lockdown in India?

But yes the linkage establishes and is brainstorming to know the fact that it’s none but the Ludo King game.

The actual and concrete origin of such a legendary game is unknown to everyone although certain proofs reveal that Ludo originated from historic Ellora Caves, Maharashtra where board games are depicted in the form of illustrations on the wall. It shows clear proof that Ludo is the origin of India and it is part of Indian culture.

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Ludo is known all over India the different identities like ‘ Chausar’, ‘ Chopad’, or ‘ Pachisi’. It eventually gained popularity in other populations in varied terms Spanish version of the game was known by the name ‘ Pacheesi’ whereas the Chinese version named it ‘ Chatush Pada’ ( meaning four clothes). It is famous for the name’ Ludu’ in Africa.

What is it about Ludo that made it such a longstanding game across hundreds of years?

It was perhaps the elegance and simplicity of the game that led to survival in the long run.

What is Ludo King?

Ludo King a prolific board game with dice to roll and four colored tokens to play registered a sudden spike that led to the popularize of such a game during COVID-19 and has been the favorite time pass of all genres.

Ludo King was developed by Vikash Jaiswal, an Indian Entrepreneur of Gametion Technologies Private Limited.

He says “When other people used to time pass on their computers, I used to collect the free software that comes with computer machines and explore”.

# Facts to know- According to Sensor Tower, Ludo King was able to generate revenue of $ 300,000 in March 2021 alone riding on the coronavirus lockdown which forced people to stay indoors. The app solely hits downloads of crore sore on Android and 192 crores on iOS.

Ludo King used to see a sudden spike immediately after the telecast after the telecast of Ramayana on Doordarshan. After 10.30 pm, people would come to play Ludo on the apps and the servers started crashing said Vikash Jaiswal, the founder.

How to play Ludo King?

To hop into Ludo King the rules one should be aware of are given in the following :

  • Ludo must be played in between 2 players and among 3, 4, 5, or 6 players.
  • The game continues until all the players have moved their tokens to the center of the board.
  • Colored squares and stars are the safest areas on the board where the opponent never lands on the respective player.
  • If a player rolls six thrice, their turn automatically skips.
  • To win the game, the colored button encircles the whole board and leads to home at the very first.

How to get 6 in roll-on dice in Ludo King?

Here is what you need  to prepare for to enjoy consistent six:

  • Keep the eyes intact on the green ticket that appears on your turn.
  • As soon as the 1/4 second to roll has passed tap on the dice to roll.
  • The most probable chance will be there to get six.

But sometimes it depends on the algorithms set by the developers.

How to add buddies or friends in Ludo King?

Ludo King has enriched with fame so much in the global game. It authorizes a player to play with friends online and earn coins, no matter where they belong. The players invite or add their friends to Ludo King. There are generally two ways to do so:

Way 1- Add Buddies via play with Friends option:

Step 1: Start the Ludo King game.

Step 2: Then tap on the option “Play with Friends”.

Step 3: Again click on the “Create” Tab and select the ‘ Entry Fee’.

Step 4: Select the ‘Type’ to play with friends.

Step 5: After that, tap on the “Create Room” option.

Step 6: Share the room code with those friends to play with. It does be the ticket of the friend list.

Step 7: To add them, the player has to click on the in-game profile picture of the friends.

Step 8: Click on the Add as Buddy Option.

Step 9: Notification delivered to the respective player after acceptance by those friends.

Way 2- Send Friend Request via Play Online:

Firstly,  Start the Ludo King game.

Secondly,  Click on the ‘Play Online’ option.

Thirdly,  Click on the ‘Game Type’ to play.

Fourthly,  The game searches for available players as per match online.

Fifthly,  Tap on the Player’s profile.

Sixthly,  Click on the ‘Add as Buddy‘ option.

Seventhly,  The notification arrives as per the friend’s request accepted by that person.

What are the tips and tricks to win Ludo King?

Ludo King is a board game chase mainly by four players and it provides implications of the games but due to increased popularity various tricks are also associated with the gameplay which will be revealed in the following mentioned bullets-

* The 7- Steps Distance

One has to make it clear always to keep ahead of the opponent and this can be done by maintaining a distance of seven steps and preventing the opponent’s tokens from landing on the respective token.

Try to land the token more on the opponent which could waste the time and chances of the opponent to win the game.

* Play with Patience

The player always uses safe zones i.e. star shapes or colored squares on the board to safeguard the position and never gives a chance to the buddies to land on the tokens.

* Forward movement

Never move your productive token on a roll on bad dice it decelerates the speed and pace of the player. Whenever the opportunity comes to move on good rolls then use the productive token to move and go to home base.

# Facts to know- Vikash Jaiswal, developer of Ludo King Before the Lockdown, Ludo King’s traffic used to be 13-15 million DAUs( Daily Active Users) and 60-30 Million MAUs( Monthly Active Users). Now, DAUs have the 50 million mark while MAUs are more than a million.”

The founder King go King highlights that a Indian game has never crossed 100 million downloads but Ludo King is the significant one to secure more than 350 Million downloads.

How to win Coins in Ludo King?

There are simple points that lead a player to win Coins in Ludo King:-

Play online match-

The more online matches to play the more opportunities to get coins in return. Winning any top 3 position in board play practically guarantees to win more coins.

7 Up- Down-

The fun feature was added to Ludo King in a later stage. The basic aspect is to roll two dice and guess the total of the numbers on both dice. It could be more than 7 or less than 7 or sometimes equal to seven. If the player predicts correctly it will double the Coin investment.

Play Ads-

Advertisement within gameplay is mostly annoying but if that is associated with Coun accumulation then it would be the better option to opt for and fill the pots of gold.

Lucky Wheel-

The feature helps to spin once every four hours and each spin enlists with Coin prizes. Each shot led to earning a huge number of coins.

Login daily basis-

To earn maximum coins the players need to log in to the game daily. Login rewards led to earning sound value of coins and diamonds.

How to hack Ludo King?

As per the mentor’s perspective, it is not possible to hack the popular game, Ludi King as it is played on servers and inherits complex algorithms that are not easily copied by relevant software.

But the cracked version of Ludo King is available on a few websites which promise to provide a better gaming experience but don’t provide the satisfaction of completing of levels as the real one. This version needs additional approval of the settings of the mobile phone which is always not safe for the data stored in the mobile phone.


Ludo King serves as a splendid way to connect with loved ones virtually as a classic pastime. The game’s compatibility across different platforms makes it a versatile choice for fun-filled interactions and earning coins and rewards as sidewalks to encourage more individuals to enjoy the gameplay. It will not only enhance social interactions but pave the way for Indian Companies to register more games in this era.

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