How do I skip a level in Candy Crush Saga?

To pass the leisure with easy gameplay that not only enhances your thinking capacity but also your cognitive value to solve acute problems. Such games are available in online mode too often. Each came up with great graphics and smart features, but among them, Candy Crush is the heartthrob game that not only attracts all genres, but the female players are addicted to it.So to concentrate a large mob in Candy Crush Saga, there are too many levels with respective episodes induced by the developers, but what happens if one can skip those to topsy-turvy levels and score a good amount of rewards? So here I am bringing in many amazing tips and tricks that will amaze your gaming experience in Candy Crush.

The past story

King Digital Entertainment, the game developer company, released the free-to-play three-candy match intrinsic puzzle game. It was originally launched on the Facebook Web platform; however, it gained popularity after its release on the mobile platform.

What is the gameplay of Candy Crush?

Candy Crush is played by 93 million people every day, and it accumulates $800,000 daily as per estimation through players purchasing new lives and boosters to conquer new levels. A puzzle game involves matching three or more colored candy pieces. Players even swap candy pieces horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally. The candies disappear once the match is made.

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How many harder levels are there in Candy Crush?

The harder levels of Candy Crush Saga are given in the following list below, along with the playing motive:

  • Level 70: Within the 45-move limit, all the jellyfish should be cleared.
  • Level 76: Within 33 moves, all the ingredients of the candies have to be cleared.
  • Level 97: To sustain the score of 1,00,000 points in 25 moves.
  • Level 130: The motive is to collect 20,000 points in 40 moves.

And many more levels like 377, 350, 147, and 534.

How do I skip levels in Candy Crush?

Visit the website,, and the player can skip levels that seem to be harder than others in Candy Crush. To follow such details, the following is given:

√ Click on

√ Tap on the ‘Skip Current Level’ option. It facilitates the download of an app to play for 30 to 60 seconds.

√ Then click on Candy Crush to reopen.

√ Now the player will be able to start the next level.

How many levels are in Candy Crush Saga?

The Candy Crush Saga HTML 5 version sustains an outstanding 14,105 levels over 941 episodes, in addition to 90 levels on the Windows 10 version.

Now, the question arises regarding the discrepancy between total levels in two different versions of HTML 5 and Windows 10.

This irregularity results from ongoing testing, which allows certain players access to more levels.

The developers of Candy Crush Saga introduce a steady growth of new content in the game, which is released every week in three episodes that contain 15 levels.

In addition to that, there are 45 brain-teasing puzzles to solve per week.

How do I hack Candy Crush Saga?

It is authentic to note that services or programs that proclaim to hack the Candy Crush game, give free lives, boosters, gold, or any other form of reward mostly belong to scams that have to be avoided or ignored.

The player highly recommends never logging in for such services from any sources that are not allowed by Play Protect. King, the developer of Candy Crush, may ban the respective player account if any disparities or unauthentic movements are noticed. It results in losing all the hard work.

What are the tips and tricks?

To enhance the levels increase the tricks and moves in the game and boost gameplay and score, the player must go through the given recommendations:

√ Always begin Candy Crush at the bottom to create a chain reaction to destroy more pieces.

√ All the suggestions recommended by Candy Crush should never be blindly abided by; instead, use your brain to smash the ingredients.

√ Always create the situation by enhancing the possibilities to clear the ingredients.

√ The player has to learn to make special candies, i.e., four or five candies altogether.

√ Swipe the candies to get more combos to blast the ingredients.

What is the last level of Candy Crush?

It currently holds 13880 levels in 926 episodes in the HTML 5 version, whereas it holds 13970 levels in Windows 10 due to testing. The Flash version sustains 2825 levels and 189 episodes.

How many levels are there in Candy Crush Saga 2023?

Candy Crash either has 13250 or 13,340 levels, depending on where the player is playing Candy Crush Saga.

The conveyor belt, i.e., all the candies, is rotating around two belts on the plot after moving each turn. Here, the real challenge starts: getting the levels done.

The players are eager to grab the full frog present in that level and collect black candies in the middle of the screen, which seems next to impossible.

To easily win the 532 level, allow the frog to eat as many more candies as pulse on the screen.

In this way, repeat the effect in all corners of the display. At last, allow the frog to eat the black candies. So by following the strategic plan, the 532 level will be cleared by the player.

How do I get to live in Candy Crush?

The player of Candy Crush at the initial stage starts with 5 lives and enjoys additional lives every 30 minutes. But frequent play led to replenishing the life limit. So, here is the guide to proceeding with the supply of more lives:

In the usual way, there are three methods to enjoy more lives:

Method 1: Buy Lives

Step 1: Tap on the “More Lives Now” option when faced with the “No more lives” screen.

Step 2: Click on the $0.99 button( displayed as an option on the screen) to buy lives (depending on the mobile platform, like iOS and Android).

Method 2: Ask a Friend

Step 1: Link the account with a Facebook account.

Step 2: Permit Candy Crush to post friends on the player’s behalf for extra lives.

Step 3: Ask a friend to gift you extra lives.

Step 4: Choose friends to get additional lives.

Method 3: Unlimited lives in Candy Crush( this feature only works on all mobile devices).

Step 1: Go to Settings > General> Date and Time.

Step 2: Increase the recent time ahead of the phone. Make sure to turn off the Automatic Time Set’ option.

Step 3: Now, return to the game page.

What are the achievements registered by Candy Crush?

  • Facebook’s MAUs of Candy Crush reached 132.9 million.
  • “King Digital” holds the position of Facebook’s top game developer.
  • The game is played on every continent except Antarctica.
  • App Data records that the game is played 600 million times daily.
  • It hits 500 million downloads.
  • Major Candy Crush players are women within the age range of 21–35 years.

What are the attractive features of Candy Crush?

The features that incite the player to indulge in Candy Crush are:

  • Easy gameplay
  • Colourful graphics with animated voiceovers
  • Free-to-play basic models
  • Opportunities for Social Networking Interactions

Facts to know: Candy Crush develops the cognitive abilities of individuals.

As per research, the game is addictive as it enhances dopamine levels by winning the levels.

All the levels come with a limited number of moves in most cases.


Candy Crush is not just a puzzle game. It’s a compulsion for players nowadays. As it benefits the brain’s abilities and is an important means of interacting on social networking platforms.

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