How to get unlimited Coins and Keys in Subway Surfers for free?

What happens if you are stuck in between a subway station and misunderstood even caught by an officer due to running out of coins and keys to manipulate the respective officer? you all are thinking what if I’m talking about subway stations, coins, and officers? Is one of the most downloaded games on the Google Play Store a tribute to a boy who died while skating on railway tracks?

To set things straight, Subway Surfers doesn’t have a tragic or inspiring backstory for its creation, the CEO of SYBO, Mathias Gredal said in 2018, that the game was created when the founder was pursuing an animation course.

They were inspired by funky fashion, urban art, music, and skateboarding that arose the urban intrinsic game ‘Subway Surfer’. There wasn’t any mention of a dead son in any of this, the tragic story is nothing but a myth. They believed that the arcade game allows for a safe and entertaining environment for fun and creativity.

Kiloo, and SYBO, the developer introduced the endless running game ‘Subway Surfer’ in 2012. It is powered by the Unity Game Engine. Subway Surfers is available on certain platforms like Android phones, iOS, Mac, Microsoft Windows, etc.

As the updates are based upon seasonal holidays, the last update was made in 2013 which is based on the country name called as ‘World Tour’ theme.

The game is based on running endlessly around the subway station avoiding obstacles and being caught. It includes swiping up and down and adjacent moves like moving left and right. The aim is to outrun train inspectors while dodging oncoming trains, barriers, and other objects.

What are the features of Subway Surfer?

The basic features that instigate players to concentrate the mob engagement are given at the following points-

* The HD graphics and vivid colorful picturesque make it more vibrant and appealing to the player.

* Options like overboard, super sneakers, and jetpacks are resented in the game.

* Weekly hunt-like events organized in the game with assured awards at the end.

* Acrobatic experience, and lightning-fast swipe features offered in the game

* The endless ruining phenomenon is the booster for this game that intends to offer challenging tricks too.

*Exciting gameplay, funky and lively characters blow more attraction, and the player gets to select the outfits of the character. More option for characters as the game progress and rank gets high.

How to get Subway Surfers unlimited coins and keys hack-free?

Subway Surfers apk is available in the 1.114.0 version which is the latest update and it is compatible with Android 4.1 plus.

Its features include the following:

  • World Tour in Beijing
  • Addition of the Lunar Festival
  • Addition of 10 characters and their outfits respectively
  • Aero board power with cool gliding
  • Weekly Hunt prize with a collection of rabbit tokens.

The installation process contains the following steps:

Step 1: Uninstall the oldest installed Subway Surfers version from the device.

Step2: Download the Subway Surfer Modded APK on the iOS

Step 3: Click on File Manager App and locate the file

Step 4: Tap on the file and go through the given options

Step 5: Tap and install option to start the installation process

Step6: Open the game on the device

Step 7: Mention the age to proceed to the next level

Step 8: Accept the Terms and Privacy Policy by clicking on the OK option.

Step 9: Click on the Continue option to proceed to the next window.

Step 10: Click on ‘ Tap on Play’

Step 11: Start playing the game and enjoy unlimited coins, and keys and even unlock the


Subway Surfers is one of the popular games and to enjoy unlimited Modded APK from

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Do note properly that there might be many websites provided such as MOD, so beware of the vague ones. Not all the Subway Surfers hacks are safe to use.

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Subway Surfers limited coins and keys iOS

Mods that can be used for Subway Surfers:

Download App Valley before downloading the Mod APK file to enjoy uninterrupted coins and keys-

The steps to get MOD ready for use in iOS:

Steps     Description
Step 1 Download and Launch App Valley
Step 2 Search Subway Surf hacks
Step 3 Choose a Mod and download it
Step 4 Locate the Mod profile by settings, general,  and device management
Step 5 Choose MOD’s profile and select Trust
Step 6 Start Subway Surfer and use the application for ultimate gaming experiences.


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Subway Surfers unlimited coins and keys to iPhone.

AltStore must be downloaded before downloading the MOD APK file, for such download player has to enter their Apple-ID

Steps   Description
Step 1 Download and install AltStore
Step 2 Go to the My Apps section and select the plus(+) symbol
Step 3 Locate and select the Subway Surfers Hack

IPA file on the list

Step 4 Enter an Apple ID to start the download
Step 5 Launch the Subway Surfers Hack app from the device’s home screen or My Apps in AltStore.


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Subway Surfer free download for PC Windows

Subway Surfer is available in HTML, so you can play the game on mobile phones, and tablets online in a browser excessively using>Skill gameOne can still enjoy playing Subway Surfer on PC for free without downloading it.

To play Subway Surfer ad-free game on PC. It’s easy to download or Install the Bluestacks app player.

What is the gameplay of Subway Surfer?

Kiloo has simplified the gameplay of Subway Surfers. It is a division of the player’s path into 3 tracks. The characters have to jump between them to avoid Static and dynamic obstacles that keep the players in run mode. Along with different amenities allotted during the upgradation of keys and coins and even unlocking the locked items.

# Facts to know- The three Indian Characters of Subway Surfer famous in India are

  • Jay, Koral and Alia.

What is the highest Score of a Subway Surfer player?

The highest score keeps on changing from time to time. Presently, Harshal Gavalia is topping the scoreboard with a 147,483,647 score.  However, it is changeable and players keep breaking records as well.

# Facts to know– In 2017, Subway Surfer became the most downloaded game. It is played in a single mode

In 2018, Subway Surfer reached the 2. billion downloads milestone. It had rated 4.5 stars in Google Play Store.

Now it can be played in Online mode where one can easily compete with the scoreboards and enhance it.


Subway Surfer‘s modest graphics, colorful scenario, and music are the life boosters of the game and such an easy tutorial led it to be famous among all genres as it does not promote violence and feel free and light after having a gaming experience with a social scoreboard healthy competition. Such kind of games is always promoted by even parents too.

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